Neptune was founded in 2008 by two military veterans, both members of small specialized communities that depend on intelligence, quick decision making skills and attention to detail. After working together, they found that they had the same philosophy when it came to employing technology.

Use technology when it can improve the products of a company, speed delivery, improve service and improve the quality of life for those that consume the technology.

They set out to find others who believed the same and eventually began consulting and managing projects for large industry clients, government contracts, small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.  As they grew and collected like minded experts in a variety of industries so did their knowledge and those around them.  In order to be successful they employed a community focused effort on providing solutions, where instead of assigning a person with like industry knowledge to a project and moving on, that person would be point and work with everyone at Neptune to gain a true team effort on providing solutions.  As one of our founders said, "Sometimes just because one industry does something for so long, doesn't mean it's right. It's up to us to find, implement and ensure adoption of the right thing at that exact moment. We go in, we embed ourselves and learn.  Then anticipate, create, implement and train.  Then train some more."

We believe in the human element and ensuring that technology supports that element, makes it stronger and allows it do more. That's what we strive to employ for our clients.


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Technology exists to further humanities' goals and to make more achievable with less.  At Neptune we believe in implementing the right technology and business processes that solve problems and give our clients time & freedom as well as the choices of ever expanding actions.

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